Fall Home Safety Assessment


Our last post dealt with Autumn leaves, hazards and cleanup. Today we’ll look at Fall Home Safety Assessments. Autumn is the perfect time to ready your home for the upcoming winter. The milder temps and calm weather provides a great opportunity for you to do a home safety assessment.

  1. Look at your house from the road if possible. Make sure your entry door is well lit and not obscured by shrubs or debris. Clean the porch light and replace floodlights as needed. Clear the porch and walkway of anything that a burglar could use to hide behind. While spring is the optimal time for this go ahead and clear, cut or remove any overgrown shrubbery. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t let a criminal use your property against you! 
  2. Look up. Take note of any dead or rotting trees and limbs on your property. Cut down limbs and/or have trees removed. Winter often brings frigid temps, winds, ice and snow, making a sick or dead tree potentially dangerous. Taking proper care of them now may save you a serious headache later. Be sure to look at all trees on your property and assess if any are a concern for your neighbors. Deal with those trees immediately.
  3. Don’t leave the leaves! While very beautiful, once they fall they may quickly become hazardous. Fallen leaves retain moisture and are very slick. Get them cleaned up before the first trick-or-treater arrives and keep up the maintenance.
  4. Don’t forget driveways, walkways and sidewalks. Are they level? Any buckling or cracks? Holes? If so, take care of them as soon as possible. A cracked driveway in summer may lead to one that is buckling and crumbling in winter.
  5. Walk your entire property. Check woodpiles as they attract insects, snakes and mice. Make sure wood if stored away from the home. Clean your trash cans and outdoor garbage area. Washing the cans as well as the surrounding area helps eliminate odors making them less inviting for critters and bugs during the colder months.
  6. Yellow jackets love this time of year so be on the lookout for nests that are in need of disposal. Also treat ant beds at this time. Don’t forget to look for poison ivy and poison oak that should be removed.
  7. Don’t forget the chimney and gutters. Make sure they’re both clear of debris. Clear the chimney, checking for soot buildup as well as any holes or areas that may allow animals to enter.

Autumn is an awesome time to get outside and ready your home for the changing seasons! OSHATOES® carries an entire inventory designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Any time you’re working outdoors, think OSHATOES®. We have work gloves, safety goggles, hearing protection, steel toe alternative overshoes and more!

Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.


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Autumn Leaves

It is in the air. The smell of Fall. One of the best seasons in our opinion. Not too hot, not too cold, but in the immortal words of Goldilocks, “just right”. The days seem shorter, the wind sharper, and you can almost see the holidays on the horizon.


Autumn leaves are full of beauty. In fact there is an entire vacation industry geared toward their changing colors. You may even enjoy autumnal foliage in your very own yard. If so, remember this…

it isn’t called Fall for nothing!

Those leaves will soon do just that and your yard will be filled with dead, decaying leaves that can be hazardous. Wet leaves can quickly become slick and may cause injuries. Wet leaves are much heavier than dry ones, so stop waiting. Grab that rake and get busy! When raking bend at the knees, not the back. And always wear safety gloves to prevent blisters and give a better grip. Remember to clean gutters and downspouts of leaves and other debris. OSHATOES® is proud to offer quality work gloves that are durable, breathable and designed with your comfort and safety in mind.


Mechanix® FastFit Mens Work Gloves have an all-purpose design and exceptional features built into the durable FastFit Glove making them the perfect combination of quality and value. Ideal for a wide range of jobs, the Lycra panels between the fingers offer comfort and mobility while a Clarino MWX-2 synthetic leather palm provides protection and grip. An angled elastic cuff allows easy entry and is padded for additional comfort. Durable, economical and versatile.

fastfit gloves

Mechanix® Original Grip Mens Work Gloves are all about the grip! The specially developed, dual-layered PVC coated palm uses a dimpled pattern, supplying a super vice-like hold. Add to that the comfort and protection of our Original Glove and you know you’re getting a glove designed for results.

original gloves

Mechanix® Original Mens Work Gloves are manufactured to handle the toughest work you can throw at it, the Mechanix Original Glove continues to stand the test of time. With improved Clarino OW-927 synthetic leather palm, index, middle and ring fingertips, it repels 25% more water and oil preserving the life of the glove. The low-profile TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) hook and loop cuff closure, along with the two-way stretch Spandex top, provides you with a better fit. And it’s hidden interior seam stitching and Lycra inset panels ensures optimum comfort and freedom of mobility.


Next week we’ll take a look Fall Home Safety Assessments. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful weather and get ready for those leaves to fall!

Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.


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Columbus Day

Italian-born explorer Christopher Columbus landed in America on October 12, 1492. His explorations were backed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. Columbus set sail with the original goal of charting a western sea route to China, India and the Spice Islands of Asia. He ended up landing in the Bahamas and became the first European to explore the Americas since the 10th century Vikings. (He also caught sight of Cuba and mistakenly thought it was China.)

Columbus Day occurs the 2nd Monday in October and is one of the oldest holidays celebrated in the United States. The first Columbus Day was observed in New York. It celebrated the 300 year anniversary of his voyage. Truths and myths abound regarding Christopher Columbus. To be sure, most children have certainly heard of the Niña , Pinta, and Santa Maria

While historians would argue this point, there are still those who believe Columbus “discovered” America. In recent years, there has been a bit of a backlash regarding his “discovery” as well as any celebration to that effect.

So why continue to set this day aside? It seems silly to celebrate someone for “discovering” a place that was already inhabited by native people. Like it or not, Columbus Day is a national holiday in the U.S. making it worth exploring. In fact, some historians now recommend that we celebrate the spirit of Christopher Columbus and his sailors. Their desire to explore, discover, learn and face the unknown. Our Country is based on the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And that is definitely worth celebrating!

In that spirit, we share a familiar Christopher Columbus poem.


In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

He had three ships and left from Spain;
He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

He sailed by night; he sailed by day;
He used the stars to find his way.

A compass also helped him know
How to find the way to go.

Ninety sailors were on board;
Some men worked while others snored.

Then the workers went to sleep;
And others watched the ocean deep.

Day after day they looked for land;
They dreamed of trees and rocks and sand.

October 12 their dream came true,
You never saw a happier crew!

“Indians! Indians!” Columbus cried;
His heart was filled with joyful pride.

But “India” the land was not;
It was the Bahamas, and it was hot.

The Arakawa natives were very nice;
They gave the sailors food and spice.

Columbus sailed on to find some gold
To bring back home, as he’d been told.

He made the trip again and again,
Trading gold to bring to Spain.

The first American? No, not quite.
But Columbus was brave, and he was bright.



OSHATOES® wishes you a Safe and Happy Columbus Day!

Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.


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Advantages of Workplace Diversity


The world is becoming smaller. Not literally, but in terms of business. International business. Thanks to globalization and changing demographics, companies can now have more diverse employees. And that’s good for the business world.


Workplace Diversity – The inclusion of different types of people, as in different races or cultures, within a business, group or organization. Variety.

Advantages of Workplace Diversity

  1. Increases Productivity by bringing together employees with different talents, skills, and creativity. Increases motivation.
  2. Improves Problem-Solving by combining employees with differing skill sets. This allows for more innovative thinking, creativity and a broader view.
  3. Talent Attraction and Retention is yet another benefit. Companies that do so may enjoy a less hostile work environment.  Employees are more likely to be interested in working for companies that foster diversity and practice the inclusion of others. Studies show that a diverse workplace encourages company loyalty and a friendlier work environment which may lead to lower turnover rates.
  4. Improved Customer Relations are also an added bonus. In today’s global markets, a more varied workforce is likely needed. A diverse staff may be better able to serve others. Varied cultures, religions, languages, and ethnicities are encountered daily and should be embraced. Thus allowing for a broader, satisifed customer base.

Stephen Richards Covey (educator, businessman, keynote speaker and famed author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) was a proponent for diversity. Before his death in 2012 he had written several books and spoke on behalf of diversity. One of his most famous quotes and a suitable one for today’s post…

“Strength lies in differences, not similarities.” – Stephen R. Covey


OSHATOES® knows Safety.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.


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Football Injuries

Friday Night Lights, SEC Saturdays, Football Sundays. Professional, College, High School, Middle School, Youth and Rec. Football is practically a way of life for some Americans. Due to the sheer physicality, football has inherent risks. Today we’ll look at some of the most common football injuries.

Concussions - These have drawn more awareness in recent years. A concussion is a head injury that causes trauma to the brain, usually the result of a direct blow or bump to the head. Even though they are fairly common, they can be serious so it is important to recognize the symptoms.

  • Headache
  • Nausea &/or vomiting
  • Dazed &/or confused
  • Vision problems
  • Slurred speech
  • Sensitivity to light/noise
  • Memory loss/difficulty concentrating
  • Problems with balance
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Fatigue/sluggishness
  • Changes in personality

Achilles Tendon Injuries - The Achilles tendon connects the large calf muscles to the heel bone. While an injury may be treated with rest and immobilization, a rupture may require surgery, a splint, brace or cast.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) - The ACL keeps the knee stable and decreases stress. An injury to the ACL is one of the most common knee injury. The ACL is one of the ligaments in the knee that attaches the tibia to the femur. Surgery is often needed and recovery may take up to a year.

Rotator Cuff - This is a group of tendons and muscles in the shoulder. It connects the upper arm to the shoulder blade giving stability to the shoulder and enabling the muscle to rotate. If strained or sprained rehabilitation is needed. If the rotator cuff is torn, surgery may be necessary.

Whether you’re on the field, in the stadium, on the sidelines or watching on t.v., football players and fans alike know the risks associated with it. Medical attention should be sought by anyone suffering one of the above injuries.

OSHATOES® knows Safety.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.

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Comfort and Safety


OSHATOES® knows Safety and Comfort… and so do our customers. They know we carry top quality safety products at great prices. We love our customers and strive to offer them the most comfortable and economical safety work wear around.

But don’t take our word for it. Today we’re letting our customers do the talking!

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  • “I just wanted to let you know how great your OSHATOES® are! I bought them and then I passed the word to a lot of people at work and they are buying them like crazy. I am sure that you have seen your business pick up in the Northeastern part of Pennsylvania because I am seeing a lot of them at our plant. There are approximately 2000 employees and I will keep passing the word! Thanks for a great product!”
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  • “I really like my oshatoes. I have never found steeltoed shoes that didn’t hurt my feet or rub a place on my big or little toe.  Now my feet do not hurt or rub spots on my toes. Thank you oshatoes®.”
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OSHATOES® is proud to offer comfortable, quality safety products. Check us out at www.OSHATOES.com  to see how we can help you!
Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.
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