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Summer Safety Tips

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  The sun seems brighter. The days longer. Fruits taste sweeter. The music of ice cream trucks fills the neighborhoods. The kids are out of school. It may not say so on the calendar just yet, but it is here… Summer has arrived. This is the time to celebrate and enjoy. Gather up your family [...]

Tips for a Safe Memorial Day

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                  Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor America’s Armed Forces Heroes. There will be parades and accolades. There will be memories, applause and tears. There will be backyard barbecues and celebrations. Memorial Day also brings about the unofficial start of Summer. It’s amazing how quickly a bit of fun in the sun [...]

National Water Safety Month

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At OSHATOES™ we care about safety in every form. May is the National Water Safety Month and in honor of that we’d like to review several important water safety tips. Summer is just around the corner and pools will be opening nationwide. There’s no better time for a refresher course. Tips for Swimmers: * Learn [...]