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Bike Rider Safety

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  Bike riding. Everyone does it or has done it, hence the reference ‘ it’s like riding a bike’. People bike ride to get from here to there. Some ride for fun. Some ride out of necessity. But anyone who rides, needs to practice safety. Today’s post is dedicated to Bike Rider Safety. Bike Rider Safety [...]

ATV Safety

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ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) are here to stay. In the mid-eighties there were less than 500,000 ATV’s in use. Today that number is staggering at more than 9 million! With summer in full swing, this is a great time to educate yourself on ATV Safety courtesy of the CPSC and OSHATOES®.  *  Always participate in [...]

High-Visibility Safety Apparel

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You know that OSHATOES carries many types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). From steel toe overshoes to hard hats, we’ve got you covered. Today we’d like to introduce you to HI-VIZ: The OSHATOES  line of High-Visibility Safety Apparel (HVSA). What is HVSA? HVSA is clothing that is worn to increase visibility to others (think of [...]