Slippery When Wet



A good friend called me earlier today. She was at her son's baseball game and, although it was pouring down rain, the powers that be decided to continue the ballgame. At that point, you  could no longer see home plate. She was lamenting the typical woes that baseball parents know so well - the dreaded white baseball pants which were already stained orange from the mud and also that she was disappointed  to find herself ill-prepared for her current situation. The officials finally called a game delay in order to dig home plate out of the mud hole where it was residing. My friend took a towel to her son so he could dry off a bit. Unfortunately she was wearing flip flops. Yep, flip flops in the pouring rain with mud everywhere. Not a great combination. Due to her flip flops she slipped and slopped all over the ballpark. She said she managed to maneuver herself and remain upright until she got out of the mud and reached the concrete. That, my friends, is when my dear friend's rear got up close and personal with the pavement! She fell and she fell hard! 

Now the point of this is not to share my friend's embarrassing incident. Okay, maybe it is a little. The real point is to make you think about having a sound footing, getting a grip so to speak. If only she'd been sideline ready for any event. She would not have to live down this unfortunate fiasco. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was gathered under the small awning to keep out of the rain. Many just stared and gawked, laughing away at her situation. Some offered assistance, though they were also cracking up.

On the other hand, had she been ready for inclement weather, this tragedy would not have occurred. (I use the term tragedy because that is how she will describe it in the future. Also she'll embellish the heck out of it!) As I listened to her describe with great detail the events as they unfolded, I tried very hard to keep my lips zipped. I knew she wouldn't want to hear 'I told you so', so I refrained. Until....let's face it, she knew what type of audience I would be as soon as she called. I am all about OSHATOES® and she knows it.

As I stifled my laughter, I gently reminded her that my car contains every necessity required to be game ready. I take my job as a sports parent seriously. I have a first aid kit complete with burn creme. I've never needed it but it's nice to know its there. I have sunscreen, bug spray, umbrellas, even extra cleats. I also carry a pair of OSHATOES® along with a pair of slip on sneakers in the event of nasty weather during sandal season. OSHATOES® are slip-resistant and fit over your existing shoe!

No, I've never been in the Scouts but I agree with that whole, Always Be Prepared motto!

We have OSHATOES® for everyone. Have a small foot? We've got your size. Larger feet? We've got you covered. Somewhere in the middle? Yep, got those too.

We have a large inventory with several options for you to choose from. Trust me. We have what you're looking for at the price you need!




By the way, my sweet friend ordered her OSHATOES® and they'll arrive before the next ballgame!



Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.

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