Bike Rider Safety


Bike riding. Everyone does it or has done it, hence the reference ' it's like riding a bike'. People bike ride to get from here to there. Some ride for fun. Some ride out of necessity. But anyone who rides, needs to practice safety. Today's post is dedicated to Bike Rider Safety.

Bike Rider Safety Tips

  1. ALWAYS wear a helmet!!! We cannot stress this enough. Helmets aren't only for children, they're also for adults. Wearing a helmet can cut your risk of serious injury by 85%. 
  2. Be Vigilant. This means being aware of your surroundings. Look ahead. Do not look down at the road. Keeping your head up allows you to see possible danger and increases your ability to react in a timely manner.
  3. Maintenance. Keep your bike in proper working condition. Check tire pressure, lubricate chains, inspect brake pads and gear shifter.
  4. Unless it is a tandem bike, never allow anyone to ride with you. One bike = one person.
  5. Ride single file when riding with a group. Keeping plenty of space between yourself and other riders increases your reaction time. .
  6. Traffic flow and traffic lights sometimes separate groups. Plan checkpoints so stragglers can catch up.
  7. Plan your route in advance. Stay away from busy, congested or high traffic areas. Familiarize yourself with an area before biking there.
  8. Always ride on the right side of the road with traffic. Never ride facing traffic. Many people mistakenly assume that will help them see oncoming dangers but it increases your risk for an accident and/or a ticket.
  9. If riding alone, let others know your route and expected return. If you don't return by that time, they'll know something may have happened.
  10. Uses hand signals. Know the hand signals for stopping or changing lanes.
  11. Be SEEN day or night!!!! Always wear reflective and/or high visibility gear.

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Class 2 High Visibility T-Shirts
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Class 2 High Visibility Vests
ANSI 107 compliance is easy with our high visibility vests.
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OSHATOES® hopes you'll practice safety everywhere you go.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Think OSHATOES®.

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