Give Socks a Second Thought


How much thought do you put into your socks? They're the only thing between your foot and your shoe, yet most people rarely think twice about them. The proper socks can mean the difference between a good day and one filled with agony.

The first thing to consider is under what conditions will you be wearing them? Are there any medical diagnoses that need to be addressed?

Inactive people can produce 1/4 cup of sweat in twelve hours! That amount increases significantly with activity. Increased sweat means increased moisture which can create blisters. Excessive sweating can lead to extremely hot or cold feet, which causes discomfort.

If your feet are always hot and sweaty, you should look for Socks with Moisture Control. These will help with not only moisture, but odor control as well. They are made of synthetic materials that pull moisture away from the skin.

The best socks for those with cold feet are Wool. While these won't help with a nervous bride or groom, they can work wonders for frosty feet. These socks are typically thicker than cotton socks, thus providing additional comfort. Some people think they're allergic to wool socks but this is not usually the case. Many times the wool is too coarse so opting for something finer such as Lambs Wool or Merino Wool can help.

Circulatory issues such as Diabetes warrant specific socks that do not constrict the feet or legs. A good Diabetic sock is unrestrictive allowing for proper circulation. These socks should be seamless at the toes, dense without wrinkling and produce little friction. Diabetics should check their feet daily. They must be on guard for foot injuries and ulcers as they sometimes go unnoticed.

If you work on your feet all day you should consider a higher quality sock with full-cushioned padding from heel to toe. This will give the wearer added shock absorption and comfort. Make certain to purchase the right size socks for your feet. Too big and they bunch. Too small and they bind.

The next time you're in the market for socks, think about the needs of your feet. There are specific socks for practically any activity -  joggers, hikers, nurses, etc. You can find socks made to wear with boots or skimmer socks to wear with Keds.

The point is: Buying quality socks is a great way to be good to your feet and don't you deserve that? Go ahead and give your socks a second thought!

Be Safe. Be Smart. Think OSHATOES®.