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9 Steps To Accident Investigation

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If there has been a workplace accident you will need to investigate it and get all the details before taking any action. The best way to get an overall picture of what happened is to interview the people who know the most about what happened.  The 9 steps listed below will help. Set The Right [...]

Using An Eye Protection Sign To Prevent Accidents

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Eye injuries are something that should be taken seriously especially in the work place.  If you look at your average factory, you will see huge machines that are capable of causing a lot of injuries.  There could be hazardous chemicals, complex electrical grids and much more.  Warehouse floors can be extremely dangerous and this is [...]

Introducing A Successful Safety Program

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Introducing a safety program into your work place means introducing change.  You will be changing the culture of your workplace by introducing new tools and techniques and you will also be introducing changes in the social structure and in the way your workers are trained. All these changes combine to make a successful safety program [...]