Who needs Outdoor Foot Protection? You’ll be surprised….

The need for comfortable and reliable steel toe foot protection is not restricted to workers in the manufacturing workplace by any means.   Although that may be the 'typical' use of steel toe protection you may think of at first, there are so many more needs outside that work environment for that  same type of foot protection.

The obvious situations come quickly to mind, such as construction workers, steel workers, utility workers, loggers, and so on.  But what about the greenskeepers manicuring the golf course with a revved up weed whacker?  What about the casual woodcutter splitting that cord of oak wood in their driveway?  The landscaper building the stone retaining wall for you in the back yard?  The roofer carrying bundles of shingles from the pickup truck?

These are just a few of the hundreds of unthought of activities that should seriously consider either using or providing steel toe protection.  Add to these the need for those site visitors that they may expect to have come to their job site, and the need accelerates even more. 

Moving that old dresser from Grandma's house?  Bringing in that new washer and dryer for the laundry room that you bought from the warehouse store?  What about the carpenter, professional or otherwise, who builds the new deck using that new pneumatic nail gun?  

The vast majority of injuries occur either off-work or at home, and preventable foot injuries are high on that list.  "Oh, but it will only take a second" can lead to a 6 hour wait and a $500.00 bill from the Emergency Room.

An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure, and the thought to use steel toe protection, or some of the alternative steel toe protection products now on the market, for any potentially dangerous task outside the home or workplace environment should be held high in your awareness.  Get rid of the 'I should have....' and use the 'I'm going to.....'

A practical solution for outdoor safety shoes is the product line OSHATOES, a steel toe protective overshoe, you can learn more about these products at www.oshatoes.com


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